We had a great Christmas. We put the kids’ stockings in their room during the night, and in the morning we heard some stealthy noises, and went to peek on them. We found them stuffing their little faces with Hershey Kisses. We went to our room and they opened the rest of their stockings there.

We headed downstairs – Henry had a train set (with sheds, a new turntable, and two cranes!) set up, and Ele had a pink beetle car for Barbie. All their other gifts were under the tree, wrapped. They happily played with their new stuff while we made coffee and chocolate chip pancakes (it took Henry several hours to come down from present-frenzy and be able to eat), and after we ate, we sat down for presents.

After a few hours of playing, we got dressed and headed up to the in-laws for Christmas there. We stayed until nearly 9 (way past bedtime), and all fell asleep basically instantly, sleeping in until 8:30 this morning.

Henry's new train set
One of Ele's gifts – we made it for her, but lots of fun to talk through
Henry dressed for Christmas at nana and poppa's

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