5 Years!

August 1, 2014 was our 5 year anniversary (the Golden Anniversary! Finally!). We went to Lake Placid, with a stop in Albany and a breakfast in Saratoga. We were engaged and married in Lake Placid (different years), and haven’t been back since. It was past time to fix that!

We visited with some of my co-workers (and spouses) briefly for a breakfast at the Triangle diner in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Automatticians in a diner!
Automatticians in a diner!

Then Bob and I headed for Cascade, one of the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondack National Park. Cascade is an easier hike than, say, Algonquin or Marcy (the second and first tallest mountain in the 46), as it ranks at #36, but it was still pretty challenging.


This photo is at the trailhead. It was raining when we started up, but only lightly. A very big storm had passed through and was just petering out.


I could have sworn I was smiling when the above photo was taken.


A tradition: taking a photo with the geological marker at the top of the mountain.


It was really windy and cold. I’m not angry, I’m tired. And cold. And buffeted.


Nice strangers took our photo, and then we took theirs.


A funny thing that happened on our way up the mountain: Bob ran into a guy from work. 8 hours away from home on a random Thursday morning.


This smug buck was everywhere at Cobble Mountain Lodge, where we stayed in Placid.


There was something about the “homemade pasta” part that really tickled me.


Wine tasting!


At Lake Placid Brew Pub.


In front of Mirror Lake, the smaller lake in town.


I like the tone of these FAQs. These people don’t suffer fools.


We rented a two person kayak. I sat back and let Bob do the work.


A very pretty boat house on Mirror Lake.


A bobsled! Or as I repeatedly told Bob, “A yousled! GET IT. A YOUsled!” Repeatedly.


Smug buck.


Walking to our anniversary dinner, we got a fun photo of the sidewalk.


So, it’s very hard to tell because I’m not a good picture-taker (I guess), but this is the balcony of the restaurant where we had our reception. The upstairs was closed, but we asked if it was ok for us to go up and hang out on the balcony for awhile. They were laid back people, so we went up and took photos.


Another shot of the balcony.


There aren’t many photos of me on the blog, so here they all are, apparently.


This is inside our cabin, on the morning we packed up and left to go back to real life.

Not pictured: We also watched Gravity, which was not the movie for me. When we discussed watching a movie, what I actually wanted to watch was Apollo 13. But I agreed to rent Gravity instead (ok, so I don’t think Apollo 13 was available at the Red Box where we were discussing this). I was really tense the entire time. We channel surfed a bit after the movie so I could calm down, and lo, there was Apollo 13. So we also watched that. And I was able to catch a Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon one morning that I watched the hell out of.

It was a great weekend. 10/10, would anniversary again.

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