I’m living in the future

Let me tell you about my day.

This morning I pinged my squad lead to tell him I’d be online later than usual because I was really tired and I wanted to sleep in. I slept in a bit and had a lazy breakfast, then hopped online just as Hew (my lead) was headed offline to go workout.

I answered some tickets from Guided Transfer users (my team is Guided Transfer, so I help users who want to switch from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress site), completed a transfer, then participated in a team chat on Skype.

The main focus of the chat was about how our team lead (Andrew) could best support us Happiness Engineers. It was interesting because it was entirely candid about where we wanted more support and guidance, and where things were going well. It was a conversation that is unique to our culture, I think, as I’ve never had a job where this type of conversation was one that either could occur, or could be one where everyone was comfortable.

Next, I found a partner company’s installation tool (what we use to install WordPress on a user’s host) was broken, so I started a live chat with that company. I grabbed my laptop and headed to the kitchen once I saw my wait time (5 minutes) and started chopping veggies up for a veggie/tofu sausage stew. I also kept Hew up to date on the broken tool situation while I chatted with a few other co-workers and the live chat staffer at our partner.

That’s when I decided it was time to blog about it. Because I mean if this isn’t the ultimate work/life balance, I don’t know what is.



I have the flexibility to do what works for me and get my job done. It’s second nature to me now, but I can remember when having this kind of ability was unthinkable – I wouldn’t even imagine it was possible, much less normal.

Back to my day: The live chat staffer let me know what the problem was and when (about) it would be patched. I relayed that to Hew, and we agreed to check in on the imports to that host later on in the evening (we both have kids, so after they go to sleep we have some time to check back on transfers if needed). I saw a call for training, so I signed up to train a new trial HE on Monday afternoon. I chopped up more veggies and filled my crock pot to just about overflowing. Then the crock pot broke.


It always happens after you add the stock, doesn’t it? Fortunately, I have a backup plan:


And now I’ll finish cleaning up. I’ll work for a bit longer until it’s time to get my babies from daycare, and spend time playing with them. Once they go to sleep, I’ll finish up whatever work I didn’t get to, and hang out with my husband.

This is the future, guys. Won’t you join me?

12 responses to “I’m living in the future”

  1. Me sitting at my desk at work…watching the clock as I read your post. Steeled- toed on my now aching feet. OK yes it’s working. 🙂


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