Story Time

Eleanor has started to read books. She’s fascinated by them. It’s interesting because of the twins, she’s the maniac. She wants to go at 100%, 100% of the time. So when she sits down and focuses on something, it’s kind of a relief.

Anyway, she sits down with some board books (she really can’t do paper pages, yet), and holds them flat between her palms, with her thumbs on the edge. She then works out through trial and error which edge opens the book. Once she gets the right edge, she starts afresh with her thumbs on the edge and she pries the book open to a page. Often, once she has the book open, she’ll pull the book up to her face and babble, then will lower the book and repeat. She usually opens the same couple of pages, but this doesn’t stop her. Sometimes after she’s babbled to the book for awhile, she’ll just open and close the book repeatedly, trying to find new pages. She really doesn’t want help, either, she genuinely enjoys the challenge and reward of doing it herself.

Henry, on the other hand, likes to be read to. Although, he does like very much to turn the pages when you have the book in position.

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