The Century Grill

A few weeks ago, Bob and I went to Buffalo (to see Mary Poppins at Shea’s!). We decided to stay overnight in Buffalo, so we could have a late night and not feel too tired to drive home. We ended up staying very near the theater, at the Hyatt. I was pleasantly surprised by the Hyatt. I expected something businessy, but also relatively impersonal (because it’s a big place). But it was both businessy and boutiquey. I know these are not real words, by the way.  If Bob and I can’t stay at a bed and breakfast, then we want to stay at a boutique hotel, and after that we’ll settle for whatever is available. We thought we were kind of settling for a cookie-cutter room in a boring hotel, but as I said, pleasantly surprised.

So we arrived in the late afternoon, checked in, and thought we’d walk down the street to the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, since it was very close and also a favorite of ours. But, as is our wont, we were late leaving the hotel and were a tiny bit concerned about being late for the show if we went all the way down the street then had to walk all the way back up it to get to the theater (everything was pretty much on one street, which was awesome). Then we noticed The Century Grill across the street from the hotel.

It has a terrific electric sign outside, very vintage. Inside was a lot of exposed brick & beams, which is common for “authentic” taverns and grilleries in Buffalo (and probably most of this area). I thought I had talked Bob into getting The Century Burger (I’m a glutton for his punishment), but they had a beer and steak special that he really cottoned onto. I had the pasta primavera (just the veggies) which turned out unusual. It did have some expected veggies (like peas and squash) but it also had red onion – which I’m not sure I’ve ever had in pasta primavera before. It was a nice, just unexpected. We started with steamed mussels, which are quickly becoming a favorite appetizer of ours.

Bob declared his steak one of the best he’s had, and I was very happy with my pasta. We had time to eat and relax for a few minutes before walking up the street to the theater. The show was a lot of fun, and makes me want to go back more often. After the show we headed back to The Century Grill for a post-show drink where we ended up talking about the musical and watching the end of a baseball game (with this guy who had what appeared to be fake beard). It was a nice weekend.

Me at the elevator bank in the hotel lobby

I look a little odd because my entry into the elevator is being blocked by a man, who I have sworn to love, wielding a camera phone. It was unexpected. I did the best I could. The mural was nice.

Steamed mussels

The appetizer – swimming in the butter/white wine sauce (so, doubly delicious).

My pasta

See? There were veggies I wasn’t expecting, like carrots and onions. But it was good.

Beer not shown

Bob is concerned that he’s wearing the same sweater every time he’s in the blog. I assured him that no one cares as long as he continues to be so photogenic.


I promised him I’d let him take a goofy photo of me in return (although, I’m not sure how the elevator photo doesn’t qualify…).

The old Buffalo Savings Bank

This is the old Buffalo Savings Bank (and the current M&T bank). This photo and the following were taken in the morning when we were leaving town. Further up the road is the theater. Behind me is the hotel.

Metro line

The opposite direction from the bank, down the metro line. Bob is standing in the shot – not wearing his favorite sweater.

Roosevelt Park, I think

This park is between the bank building and the place where Bob was standing, across the road from the hotel. It’s not a grassy park, it’s more of a square (that’s triangular) with trees. I think the sign says it’s a park…but you know how misleading signs can be. There are some very beautiful buildings in Buffalo.

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