Roast organic chicken


I cooked an organic chicken for Bob today. This is the smaller of the two chickens I bought from Sojourner Farm, since it was just for Bob.


Started out by preheating the oven to 425. I quartered some small yellow potatoes (I’d guess they’re Yukon Golds, but they’re from the farm and weren’t labeled) and some smaller onions (looked like shallots – again, from the farm), and put them into my le creuset pot with some butter. I cooked it over a burner as I prepped the chicken (by patting it dry with paper towels, and rubbing it with salt and pepper; I added some rosemary, and slid a pat of butter under the skin on top). Once the potatoes and onions were softened, I added the chicken to the pot, put the lid on and let it cook for 40 minutes.

I cooked, separately, some roasted potatoes and onions for me, and then some egg noodles.

Here’s what happened with the chicken.


The chicken before roasting


The potatoes and onions have already cooked for awhile on the stovetop, in some butter.


Roasted at 425 for 40 minutes


I put some onion halves into the chicken cavity, btw.

The chicken, ready for carving
The chicken, ready for carving

I let it sit in the pot with a tinfoil tent over it for 10 minutes before carving, so it would retain its juices.

Bob carving
Bob carving

Bob started carving the chicken in a very refined manner, but it quickly devolved into a carcass ravaging.

Secret snacking

After all the illicit nibbling was through, I took the pot back over the heat, added some flour, and thickened it for gravy.

Bob's plate

It looks  little questionable, since the gravy is pretty lumpy, but that plate was totally cleared when he was all done. And it’s a big plate. For the record, there was a good sized portion of chicken and veggies that got tupperwared – he didn’t eat the entire thing.

His synopsis was that the chicken was very succulent and not bland the way regular chicken can be. He also said the skin sliced easily, and if he had a choice between a regular chicken and this kind of chicken, he would choose this kind every time.

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