Beer bread

This morning I made beer bread. The recipe I used can be found here:

A photo journey…

My tray of ingredients

I like to start baking by assembling all my ingredients on a tray, so I know where everything is. If everything else goes wrong, I won’t have to scramble for ingredients.

My mixer and a 9×5 bread pan

I get my tools ready (not shown, bottle opener, measuring cups and spoons, spatula).

Dry ingredients
The dry ingredients

First all the dry ingredients get combined in a big mixing bowl.

Dry ingredients combined
Dry ingredients, combined

The dry ingredients get combined thoroughly.

Adding the beer
Pouring beer into the mixing dry ingredients

Pour the beer into the mix, set on slow.

Mixing the wet ingredients
Mixing the wet ingredients

It looks like the mixer is moving wicked fast, but that’s still on slow.

From bowl to pan
Pouring from the bowl to the pan

Notice that the mixture is lumpy – don’t worry about that.

Ready to bake
Ready to bake

It goes into the oven for 50-60 minutes (I put it in for 52 minutes – no special reason).

Clean up
Clean up

Everything that needed cleaning up – this bread is super easy to make.

Finished bread
Finished bread

The finished product! It rises a bit (not a ton), but certainly enough. The bread definitely tastes like whatever beer you use; I used a home brew that is a clone of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The taste of this bread is almost effervescent, almost bubbly and definitely has the taste of pale ale. It’s really flavorful and thick, without being too heavy.

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