Joy Thai Cuisine

Joy Thai Cuisine, Williamsport, PA
We are on vacation! First “on vacation” meal was at a Thai place in Williamsport Pennsylvania. To be totally fair, I did not expect a lot from Williamsport–not knowing anything about the town–and it was really neat. Anyway, they had a Thai place, so we went. Joy Thai Cuisine was a sweet little restaurant (and by little, I mean it could probably seat 40 or so), that felt very intimate. Bob had never had Thai before, so this was an experience for him. The waitstaff was very kind and although we had to wait for our main courses, I got the impression that it was all made fresh. The onion and sprouts were definitely fresh and everything was delicious!
We started with an appetizer; appropriately called The Ring. The calamari was served up on an awesome piggy platter (photo below). I have no idea if there is any significance of pigs in Thai culture. My main course was seafood pad Thai. Description below. Bob had soup (one star on the spicy scale) and pineapple fried rice.

Heat index on menu: mild, medium, spicy, Thai hot (we didn’t try anything past one star: mild)

Appetizer: the ring
Fresh calamari fried until golden brown and crispy served with sweet tangy sauce and ground peanut

Entree: seafood pad Thai
Scallops, shrimp, salmon, stir-fried thin rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, egg and ground peanuts with tamarind sauce

Hot green tea

In the mint bowl on the way out there was a single cigarette. Behind the register, two chairs had been pushed against the wall and a little girl (maybe 4 years old) was snuggled under a coat, playing with a doll. She was adorable, and getting a lot of doting from the cooks, who would visit her on break.

The food was great, and the people were attentive. Check it out if you’re in Williamsport.

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