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This post is waaaay off topic (although I do plan to have more related posts updated soon!). Update: I should mention that Erin’s blog (link further down the post) has plenty of food descriptions! (sort of related!).

As I’ve mentioned before, my friend, Erin, is in the Peace Corps, serving in Moldova. She has just sent out a request for help with donations to complete a project in her town, and I asked if it was ok to put that information here. If you have no interest, then you can skip reading this post. If you’d like to read more about her activities and also want to know how to help (and what your donation will go towards), keep reading. I’ve included Erin’s blog, Facebook page, and email address, so feel free to contact her with specific requests or questions or just to read up more about the past year that she’s spent in Moldova.

Erin writes:

As many of you may know, I am currently serving as a United States Peace Corps volunteer teaching English (grades 2 -12) in Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe. I have spent a year in Moldova already, and have worked closely with community members on a day-to-day basis to identify various community needs that we are working to address. We are currently working on a project called The Magical World of English Mural project. For this project we will be holding a school-wide art competition asking students to create artistic representations of how they view the English language. The students’ artwork will then be represented in a series of murals in the primary (grades 1-4) school in our community.

We believe that this project will increase interest in the English language and will also provide a creative outlet for students who do not have many extra curricular activities to occupy their time. As one of the steps to implementing a project that requires outside funding is finding donors; this is where you all come into the picture.

One fundraising option that is available to Peace Corps volunteers worldwide is called the Peace Corps Partnership Program (more info below), in which volunteers write a grant together with their community partners, and then ask their friends and family to donate funds to support this grant via online donations at the Peace Corps website. The project that we are now working on funding is a relatively small project in the amount of $683.15, and a small donation will go a long way in making a positive impact on Moldova’s youth. Below I have copied information from Peace Corps explaining a bit more about how the donation process works, and including a link that will bring you to specific website where donations can be made.

If you follow the link to the Peace Corps website, you will find a full write up describing our project, and the community need for this project. Any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated by myself, my community partners, and the people of Moldova as a whole! Thank you for your time and I wish you all success and happiness in everything you do.

Erin Flynn
Peace Corps Moldova English Education Volunteer
More about the Peace Corps Partnership Program Project

We at Peace Corps are excited to tell you about Erin Flynn’s Peace Corps Partnership Program project. Since its inception in 1964, the Peace Corps Partnership Program has helped thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers implement community-initiated projects worldwide. Now Erin is taking on a new English In Our Lives Mural project in Moldova that needs your support.

This project, developed to address a pressing community need, will be implemented by both Erin and local partners. This project will benefit the people of the community for many years to come.

In order to begin implementation, Erin must raise $684 from friends, family and other interested donors. Erin and the people of the community are asking for your assistance to turn this project into a reality.
The easiest way to donate is to use this link, 261-201, or visit and search by the project number, 261-201. Although, the web site is the quickest way to make a donation, you may also make a check payable to Peace Corps Partnership Program and send it to:

Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Headquarters
Peace Corps Partnership Program, OPSI
1111 20th Street NW
Washington DC 20526

Be sure to indicate the project number, 261-201, on the check so it will be applied to the correct project.

Also, if you’re looking for ways to make your donation go even farther, check with your employer to see if they have a matching gifts program; many companies match donations dollar for dollar. Furthermore, consider forwarding this information to anyone else who may be interested in supporting Erin. Remember that gifts supporting this project are tax-deductible!

Please feel free to contact our office directly at 202.692.2173 or 1.800.424.8580 x2173 with any questions you might have. Your support will go a long way to aid Erin’s efforts in Moldova.


Jess Wallace, RPCV Georgia
Program Assistant, Office of Private Sector Initiatives
Peace Corps

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