Literally this afternoon I read on Mashable about a new site called Yummly. Here’s the link to that post. The article was called Semantic Recipe Finder Will Save You Time in the Kitchen. Of course I clicked. So it explains about Yummly.com, which is a site for finding recipes. What’s nice is that you can register and save your food preferences. I registered and was able to select “pescetarian” and that I’m allergic to walnuts (well, I had to select “tree nuts”) and I could type in some foods I particularly like and particularly dislike. I was also able to select my own cooking skill level! I went with “intermediate” because no one can stop me. A note, it has a social component so you can connect with your cook buddies, and they call these connections “tastebuds” which is cute. However, because I literally just registered and don’t know anyone else using the site, it tells me that “you have 0 tastebuds” which isn’t cute.

So I’m going to be using this site from time to time and see how I like it.

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