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  • Inktober day 2 (prompt)

    I was trying for “goofy drunk kitty” a la 🥴, but landed squarely in terrifying instead. The prompt was “mindless.”

  • Inktober day 1 (prompt)

    The prompt was “ring” which is a pretty good prompt for me. I started with a doodle on my desk at work, and decided to try out some India ink on the full size sketch. (And Windsor and Newton white ink.) This cat is such an idiot. I love it.

  • Inktober day 1

    I’m not sure I’ll actually have time or energy to complete a full drawing a day, but the inktober challenge is fascinating. I struggle to sneak in creativity, and I don’t usually use ink (I’m a graphite or paint type), so this is all uncharted territory. Illustration is a fun, vibrant, and highly technical art…