Inktober day 13

The prompt for yesterday was snow. I have been too tired and uninspired to draw the past two days, and I was determined to do a drawing this evening. I couldn’t remember the prompt, so I just did the one I could remember. I got to use my grey ink pen, so that was nice.

Inktober day 4

I did a sketch for the prompt, but then Bob suggested that I draw a photo I took of Grant today. I’m not that good at drawing people, so it’s not technically good, but I want the practice so I can get better.

My inktober submission:

The original photo (also on InstaGrant!)

My sketch for today, which was going to be my idiot kitty as a sort of ghostbuster, but with a freeze gun, named after our actual air conditioner, Mr. Cool.

Inktober day 3 (prompt)

I’m tired so you’re only getting the sketch I drafted while working today. The prompt was “bait,” and Bob said (of the sketch) “but there’s no cat.” It’s true! I also tried out a few hooks. My grandfather used to make his own fly fishing hooks, which my dad made a lovely shadowbox for, and gave to his sister. I digress.