Category: Twins

  • Nest

    Henry is obsessed with nests lately. He likes to cuddle in my lap and say he’s in a nest, and usually he’s a baby owl. He is also getting into creating his own nests. In fact earlier this week I actually had to say “if you don’t stay calm and quiet, you are going to […]

  • Hanging out

    This past weekend we hung out my sister-in-laws’ with her and her kids. As the day wore on, the three youngest kiddos wanted to chill out with some Curious George. The twins looked so sweet on their cousin Johnny’s love seat.

  • Bubbles!

  • Special treat

    Today the kids did a super job using the potty at school, so we stopped for a special treat on the way home. Turns out, they like froyo!

  • Socks

    The kids found some of my Halloween socks.

  • Kinzua

    Today – among other things – we went to Kinzua Bridge Park, a place I found out about today. A few years ago, a historic rail bridge got knocked down by a fierce storm. It:s now a skywalk (which was actually terrifying, but the kids loved it). And we took a hike. Later we went […]

  • Last of the summer

  • Change

    I went to change Henry’s diaper today while he was playing. He protested telling me “I don’t like changes! PEOPLE don’t like change!” Out of the mouths of babes.

  • Daycare halloween

    For some reason I have no photos with other kids, so these could be anywhere. But they are at daycare.

  • There’s your problem