Best guy

The past several days Bob, Grant, and I have been in Lake Placid. Bob had a conference to attend, and with Grant fresh off surgery we didn’t want to leave him at home. Since I’m on sabbatical it was an easy choice for me and Grant to come along. Besides getting to be in one of our favorite places (and the first time we’ve taken one of the kids), today is Bob’s birthday and I’m always thrilled to spend his birthday with him. It was especially nice to be in Placid with him, since it means so much.

Below, the first picture is on the steps of St Agnes, where we were married. It was locked so we couldn’t go inside. The next photo was our first dinner in Lake Placid, where Grant was clearly pleased as punch to be at dinner with just us (though he has been asking about Henry and Eleanor). The next photo is outside the Olympic hockey rinks. Not pictured is a truly bad photo of Bob holding Grant inside the 1980 rink. Finally, story time one night.

It’s been a great year with my best guy, and I’m looking forward to many more.

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