I saw a braid tutorial

It actually turned out pretty well!


3 responses to “I saw a braid tutorial”

  1. How long did this take? Perhaps I should ask how many times you started over? Just so I know if I have a hope of accomplishing something like this. 🙂


    • I bribed her with an episode of Daniel Tiger, which is about 20 min, and it took us 1.5 episodes. I had to re-do the bottom braid (it was the first one, and I struggled with getting it tight enough). Since you under-cross the strands (rather than over the top in a traditional braid), I also had to get used to that. If her hair had been damp, I think it would have been a little easier (it was already pretty easy!) And it stayed in all night! It’s a bit fuzzy now, of course 🙂

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