Bath party

It was my morning to sleep in. When I finally rolled out of bed and stood in my bathroom putting my contacts in, two toddlers appeared, as if by magic.
“Can, can, can we bake a cake mama?! Can we take a bath!!”
Bath being a magical word itself, suddenly I had two small, pantsless, diaperless children on either side, tangled in their own jammy tops.
“Mama, you help. I can’t get this off myself.”
“Pwease, pwease, pwease mama”

So we splashed in the tub for a few minutes and talked about how mama’s tub is called “the big tub” but is actually smaller than their tub. We combed out overnight tangles, and we got wrapped in big towels.

I tell you, it is a hell of a way to start your day.


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