Suspend your disbelief for a moment that such a sweet little girl could be anything but innocent, just while I tell you a short (but true) story.

Last night, Henry woke my husband up; he (Henry) was crying from his bed in the nursery. Bob went in to check on him, and since Henry was just sitting up in his bed, he was going to help him lie back down. Maybe pat his back a little. You know, the usual stuff.

He starts to do so, then realizes something is… off. Specifically, there was someone already asleep in Henry’s bed.


Apparently, she had gotten into Henry’s bed, and just claimed it as her own, with no regard for it’s current occupant. Goldilocks-style.

She must have found it to her liking, too, because she slept there the entire rest of the night and had to be woken up to get ready for daycare.

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