Sunset beach

We scooted up to Sunset Beach on the North Shore this morning. This is the week that the World Cup of Surfing is going on – although it wasn’t today because the sea was too rough. It was amazing to watch the waves, and as we were driving back a wave washed right across the road and hit our car!

Sea Life Park and Waimanalo State Beach

Sunday was sort of lowkey and also sort of busy. Grant was wiped out, which is not an easy thing to do to him! We started the day at Sea Life Park. The drive along the coast was absolutely amazing. At the park we saw sharks, turtles, a wide variety of fish, a sea lion show, a hell of a lot of birds, and a dolphin show. After the park we drove to Waimanalo State Beach and got flattened by the waves and played on the beach. All in all, an excellent day!

Waimea Valley

This afternoon we visited Waimea Valley, which cradles a gorgeous botanical garden. Because of the tropical climate, the gardens had many huge leafy specimens, and featured areas like Guam alongside Hawaiian plants. There was also a waterfall! These are my best photos.