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  • Age

    To start, you should know I’m 38. I saw a very young-looking girl leaning out of a pickup truck today, smoking. She looked about 11 or 12, maybe 13. And I thought “she looks like she shouldn’t be smoking” and then I had an internal debate about what the smoking age is, and decided it’s […]

  • He Him His

    There are few consistently annoying things as being referred to by the wrong gender. It can be done out of maliciousness, aggressiveness, or laziness (or all three). It doesn’t happen to straight men routinely, daily, so for many of them, they just won’t have the frame of reference. But for almost everyone else, it’s almost humdrum to […]

  • Do we even need feminism?

    Spoiler: yes. Bill Cosby was found guilty of drugging and raping women yesterday. I don’t know a single woman who wasn’t absolutely astounded he was convicted. We had, of course, all hoped for that, but our experience up to this point was to be expect that he would be let off on a lesser charge, or the […]

  • The best article I’ll read all day, and it’s about sports

    Wherein Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) writes an op-ed piece in The Guardian titled “The NFL’s plan to protect America from witches” It begins: Witches, man. Just when you thought we were safe from their malignant influence on America’s virtue, the NFL has proven we are still in real danger from their dark powers. It’s a […]

  • We have a problem.

    I read this article about the amazing Serena Williams over the weekend. Simply, I am enraged. Not just for Williams, who I deeply sympathize with as a mother who has just recently delivered a baby, but I’m also screaming at the top of my lungs for every mother we have. To quote the article (which you must […]

  • How to become a feminist: a primer

    If you’re like me, you may have spent a long time feeling that you are not qualified to speak about feminism. It seems like a really fraught topic, and people get really upset over it. I really didn’t know how to start. 1. It doesn’t matter where you start. If you understand that equality for all […]

  • Women

    My daughter is five, and her current list of future jobs is as follows: Mail carrier Owl mail carrier Space vet Unicorn Not until 1920 did women have the right to vote in America. Women, it was argued, didn’t want the right to vote. Women, it was said, were weak-willed and would just vote as […]

  • Fortune favors

    Once apon a time, there was a land where little girls grew into young women, and some of those women ended up having babies. This land became very prosperous many years ago, and for a long time, year after year, each woman’s care and health was even better than the year previous – before, during, and after […]

  • Some annoyances

    Late last week, I got a letter from my homeowners insurance (Allstate) asking me to sign a form consenting to a premium for the new house. I have questions on the cost, but the thing that disturbs me here is that the form was filled out for my husband, who isn’t the account holder, and […]