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  • Narratives

    A lot of the Grand Meetup is repetition. That isn’t a criticism. With nearly 600 people here, you inevitably end up doing a lot of talking, and depending on who you’re talking with you either catch up on the same things over and over, or you meet someone for the first time and give them […]

  • Automattic 2017 GM

    This year marks the fifth Grand Meetup I’ve been with the company for. I didn’t attend last year (my phantom fourth GM), because I was on maternity leave. A lot has changed. This Grand Meetup is my first out of the United States, although the company came to Whistler last year, too. I switched roles […]

  • Oasis

    I spent a few minutes today after lunch on my balcony just having calming my mind. I looked over the edge (which I never do, because I’m terrified of heights), and saw this little tableau of Zen.

  • Elevate

    I see what you’re doing , elevator eight. 

  • Grand Meetup

    I’m thrilled to get a little time with some friends at our company grand meetup. 

  • Sri Lankan Elephant

    Sri Lankan Elephant

    One of my teammates gave everyone on the team a tiny elephant from his country. How sweet!