Last two weeks (ish)

Playgate - One of the better gates.
Henry visits Archie - Grandpa took Henry to get his hair cut at Archie’s this morning. Is he 5, or is he 15? Who’s to tell?
Across the Niagara - Yesterday we walked across the Rainbow Bridge to meet Bob’s parents and drop off Henry and Eleanor with them. I don’t recall ever having walked across the bridge between Canada and America before, but this was definitely new for the kids. Customs was quick, and unlike in the car the customs agent didn’t question the... Continue Reading →
Piggies - “And here we find some piggies in their natural habitat. They are quite docile most of the time, so let’s give them a tickle and see what happens.”
Little busy - He may be little but he is busy.
Carrot - My carrot has a … carrot.
Gold Medal Days - Yesterday was Gold Medal Day at gymnastics. The kids show of their skills and the parents take photos. It’s fun! Once again, you can see their personalities shining through.
Bonus baby - It’s food that’s making his hair stand up.

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