Last two weeks (ish)

Walnut - Walnut is chilling downstairs with us this morning.
Ok, 2021 - I don’t think I’ve personally ever had such a rotten first couple weeks of January. Obviously, we’re all living through some things at the same time (the ongoing pandemic, the coup that is dragging out, remote schooling), but it’s been worse than that. I’m not just talking about Grant’s ongoing, flat-out refusal to poop in … Continue reading Ok, 2021
Heart in a heart - Henry found he can send me double hearts, both with his hands and with his arms.
Increasing Our Happiness with Cats and Dogs in the Office - Originally posted on Happiness Everywhere:
Working from home doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, many Automattician’s have pets to keep them company during the work day. Supporting customers gets a little easier when you have furry companions like these to make you smile during the most unexpected moments. This month we invited our Happiness…
The sailor man - This morning when I came downstairs in a flurry to get children dressed and fed before their zooms started, Henry was lounging on the couch picking out potential cake recipes for us to try, based on their ease. A battenberg might be up next. Previously and preciously, he was Popeye.
A falling knife has no handle: 2020 - I’m sorry to report that the knife is America and also our lives. When you drop a real knife, a sharp one, you need to jump away from it immediately. Instinct tells you to catch it, as if it were a baby or a scoop of ice cream; something precious and splattable. But a knife … Continue reading A falling knife has no handle: 2020
8 years at Automattic - If you had told me at my seven year anniversary that my eighth anniversary would fall during a global pandemic, that I’d change roles out of Happiness (technically), and that I’d be directing the Happiness Experience, I wouldn’t have believed a single one of those things, in decreasing order of credulity. But indeed, all those … Continue reading 8 years at Automattic
The puzzle - Originally posted on Henry's Creative Legos:
It may not look like it at first, but all those pieces are used to make a cube. This idea was inspired by a lego book.
Tiny house - Henry and I spent some time playing legos today. Among our projects were these micro houses. We are both very proud! I especially like Henry’s boat, which I think is super creative.
Cake - “you know mom, I bet a lot of the baker’s didn’t get it right the first time. But they kept trying! Nine out of ten for me, mom.”
Post-thanksgiving valentines - Grant and I made each other valentines today. I feel like they have the same vibe.
Thanksgiving - The kids sitting at the table and just chatting and relaxing before dinner. We ordered in from The Old Library and it was perfect and amazing.
Engineering Happiness in Public Support Channels - Originally posted on Happiness Everywhere:
Have you ever desperately looked for support and ended up on a company’s Facebook page? Have you ever tweeted at the brand you really love? What about the one that you can’t stand? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side? My name is Oliwia…
Science class - First was dissecting starfish, then frogs. Ele asked for frog dissection for her birthday.
Nine! - Today they’re nine!
Can you transform customers into happy, loyal, passionate fans? - Originally posted on Happiness Everywhere:
Do you have what it takes to join Automattic’s world-class customer support team? We get rave reviews like these: I can see now why everyone raves about your customer service. When fixing my mistake you were fast, courteous, and professional and didn’t make me feel like an idiot, even though…
Sacrificial artifice - We get to where we are because of how hard we work and the skills we cultivate, and not necessarily because of the things we sacrifice. I’m taking part in a leadership development course at work, and the core exercise is to participate in an inquiry council. Every person brings one problem or challenge to … Continue reading Sacrificial artifice
Putting the “boy” in “buoyant” - I told him never again in the bathroom. You gotta have boundaries about what rooms they can walk on the ceiling in, you know?