Last two weeks (ish)

Fine at nine - This past Friday (December 3) was my 9 year anniversary at Automattic. I’m sure I’ve talked about this in past anniversary posts, but I remember when I’d been at A8c about 2 or 3 years, and some folks were celebrating 5 years, and I was just astounded. It seemed so long! And not many people … Continue reading Fine at nine
Remembery - Grant doesn’t forget about stuff. You can’t distract him by saying, “let’s save that for the weekend,” on, say, a Monday and hope he forgets. He will not. Case in point: he came home from school on Monday and said, “mom, let’s write a story!” And I, up to my arms in cooking dinner and … Continue reading Remembery
Stark snugs - I think he’s happy we are home.
Vulgar language: sharing is swearing - We should all be swearing more. Sometimes there is nothing as satisfying as a truly extravagant cuss. It fills up your senses. It empowers and relaxes. The science says that it helps increase pain resistance by a third. Here are my thoughts around swearing. Obvious disclaimer First, don’t use slurs or hate language. There is … Continue reading Vulgar language: sharing is swearing
Pom! -
Vaccine #1 - They fought over who would go first and even Grant (who was very concerned) thought it didn’t hurt.
Ele! - I made Eleanor a little sign.
10 years today! - My sweet, thoughtful, smart, loving twinsies turn 10 today! Double digits! When they were just wee little twinfants, I thought this day would never come. Other moms in my multiple moms group had older kids, and it was just so unfathomable. And yet, time marches on, because here we are. Lots of changes this year: … Continue reading 10 years today!
Nearly 10 - Yesterday we hosted a small party for the twins as they prepare to turn 10 on Monday. By prepare, I mean that they are eating lots of candy and bemoaning Roblox being down. For their party, we invited their neighbor friends, their cousins, and they each invited one friend from school — altogether, that came … Continue reading Nearly 10
Orange - Fun but not good. I didn’t know how to do the peel so it showed, but using a very thick cotton paper helped make actual indents. The light was hard to capture. It’s also too yellow. It was fun to work through the problem even if the overall effect is a bit flat.
Harry Pumpkin - At the school bookfair the other night, both of the twins entered a raffle to win a painted pumpkin. Henry won one of three pumpkins! He picked Harry Pumpkin. Finally, a triplet for the twins.
Strawberry - “What is that,” my husband said.
Bee - A few months ago a bee broke into the house and visited me while I was working. I was absolutely thrilled and took a bunch of photos. This week I made this drawing from one of the photos, and I feel pretty good about it.
Bob at 41 - So Bob isn’t quite 41 yet, but he is very close. In honor of his upcoming birthday, I took him on an overnight trip last weekend to Hammondsport, NY, to celebrate him. I was able to steal him away thanks to some amazing coordination from my neighbor Sara and my sister-in-law Jen. Jen even made … Continue reading Bob at 41
Halloween 2021 prep - Ok now we’re getting somewhere.
Henry - Do I have the coolest nearly-10 year old son on this or any area planets? Yes I do! Bonus picture with my favorite gilly
Your guide to becoming a Happiness Engineer - Originally posted on Happiness Everywhere:
Welcome to the Happiness Engineer blog! Chances are you’re here for a specific reason… you’re interested in joining us as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. This post was written by a group of Happiness Engineers on a team called Sparta. We were really inspired by this post our brilliant…
El Cap - In an effort to stop getting in my own way so much, I’m going to try to crank out little drawings more frequently. I made a background and after it dried I thought maybe the copper could ape the color of El Capitan at sunset. As the sketch came together (mistakes and all) it actually … Continue reading El Cap