Last two weeks (ish)

I’m going to get you - A game we play with Grant is “I’m going to get you!” When we say that, he starts running and giggling. He also really likes oven mitts. If giggly fat babies aren’t for you, do not watch this video.
Art project - Henry made a large-scale art project today while he was home from school.
Renna’s - People from this area are well aware of Renna’s, and a couple slices and a fresh-squeezed lemonade hasn’t changed in 30 years.
Seventy Five - Today my dad is three quarters of a century! They texted me to come meet them for a drink, which morphed into staying for dinner as well. Look at these two! 49 years married!
Pudge - Grant struggled with his nap yesterday, and he ended up sleeping cuddled up with me. It was nice to cuddle him after being away from him for a few days (although my arm did fall asleep). The big kids have gotten so, well, big. They really don’t have any baby fat anymore. But Grant sure... Continue Reading →
Future poet laureate - Eleanor has a way about her.
Grown-ups away - Some photos from our trip.
Date weekend - Bob and I went to our local ski town for the weekend. We are staying at a lodge and walking everywhere. We got a couples massage this morning and spent the whole day relaxing. We go back to reality tomorrow, but for tonight I’m enjoying the deep snow and my favorite guy.
Fuzz - The cops showed up at dinner the other night.
Project - Henry (and Eleanor, not pictured) made some easter eggs for a project the other night. Henry was really pleased with how his turned out, so he wanted a photo taken of it, and to have me text it to Bob, who was across the room and helped Henry with the entire project. So I very... Continue Reading →
Cheese - This ham sandwich.
Ready for Ascot - Grant’s latest fascinator is simply stunning.
Second tooth - Eleanor lost her second tooth the other night! True to form, her big tooth was already through and angling into place.
Presidential - These are the funniest things I have maybe ever seen. Henry with a resting Obama face, as Abraham Lincoln (or, Honest Henry) and George Washington (or, Henry Washington). 😂
The road to wisdom - I just came across this grook by Piet Hein, and I love it. The road to wisdom? Well it’s plain and simple to express: err and err and err again but less and less and less.
Moon - I looked up yesterday and saw the moon through the skylight at my in-laws. Whoever decided on “skylight” instead of “roof window” was a genius.
Filtered - We took some photos today. Here’s a selection.

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