Last two weeks (ish)

😀 -
Ripples - A week or two ago, I was walking home and I passed a tree stump near our house. The tree was a big one; one Grant likes to try his luck against regularly. I noticed that the tree was actually rippled under the bark. Like a book dropped in the bath and left to dry.
Playground - It’s still chilly when the sun isn’t out, at 52 degrees, but we can’t resist going to the playground.
Little guy - My little guy looks so little when he sits all alone, getting his hearing tested.
Sneak attack - Yesterday Grant told me that his toy was under the couch, and could I check for him? We had some precedent for this, since we had earlier found a beloved toy under his bed. So I got down on my hands and knees, and put my head down to look under the couch and Bam! … Continue reading Sneak attack
Kitty cat cuddles - He likes to hold Socks for a bit, and give him some nice pets. Then he lets him go and pushes him off the couch.
Cuddlefest - Bright, cold winter days lend themselves to cuddles.
Me and dad - Celebrating the day after the day after his birth (76 years later). We are very very serious people. It’s our Danish heritage.
Tiny model - He was sitting on this bench normally, and once he saw me taking a photo he got into a model pose with one leg up and his hand casually behind him.
Ukulele - My dad made Eleanor a cigar box ukulele after I bought him a mess of cigar boxes in Saratoga. I asked her where ukuleles are from and she answered: “uhh, the…. UK?”
Flower - This little fella flowers pretty consistently!
Hamilton! - The city, not the show (although we did listen to the musical on the drive up). We went up to visit our friend, Denise, and we had the best time. We went to a Kevin McDonald show (yes the guy from Kids in the Hall) at the Casbah, then to a funky undersea-themed bar called … Continue reading Hamilton!
Haircut - Grant’s first real haircut went surprisingly well. He was bribed with peanut M&Ms. He looks like such a little man, instead of a little maniac. 😭
Closer - Henry wanted a photo series where he got closer and closer and closer.
Thinking face - Grant is thinking “how hard should I hit another human with this hair brush?” And he settled on “fucking whale” one second later.