Last two weeks (ish)

Guess again - Let me set the stage. It’s Wednesday, 10:30pm. “You” are me. You’ve had a busy day. You spent a substantial portion of your work day thinking it was Thursday. You dug into complex tickets on issues that were wholly new to you. You found out about HHVM, which — because it’s called HipHop Virtual Machine... Continue Reading →
ugly cake! - Ugly cake is still cake! 🍰
cake - Stay tuned…
Here comes potato! - For some reason, I’ve taken to referring to Grant as Potato. He’s not lazy (indeed, he works hard at scooting everywhere, is constantly pulling to stand up, and loves to jump) so it’s not a couch potato reference. It just seems to be the most apt thing to call him. He’s my little potato. Anyway,... Continue Reading →
I am a Jedi - da-DAH-dahdahdahDAHdah-da-da-da-dahhhhh
Unleash the dragon - I’m was never sure what “dumps like a truck” meant until now.🎶 Baby move that butt, butt, butt 🎶
An important call - Caught him on the phone.
Treat bucket - The kids were told if they were good all weekend they could earn a visit to the treat bucket. They hustled to help Bob bring in the groceries and both brought me a bottle of wine and said, “Here mom, as much wine as you want.”Uuhh, not a good idea, kiddos.
FOOD ME - Same, Grant.
Filed under “cutest” - Henry sleeps with his gymnastics ribbon under his pillow.
Pigeon pose - Grant stretches that inner hip with a pretty decent pigeon pose.
Animate! - Henry and Eleanor came up with some ideas for animations and had me shoot them.
advancing eleanor - The inevitable approach.
Who watches the watcher? - It’s turtles all the way down.
Reblog: How far will this whole equality thing go? - How far will this whole equality thing go? via On Feminism & Women’s Day — Legend of Velda
Participators - Yesterday was Demo Day at gymnastics. The kids showed off their skills then got to stand on a box as music crescendoed and they received their particpation ribbon. It was suprisingly cute how excited they were.

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