Last two weeks (ish)

Stark White - Gave one of the cats a bath and now he’s white!
Post-beach - I got a haircut, so I took a photo. I can’t help but notice how tan I got at the beach this year!
Music in the park - If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.
Anatomic pancakes - Accidentally made pancakes with nipples.
Twins - Part of our shot-for-shot remake of the 1988 classic, Twins.
Bershon - First we took a bershon pic, then a happy one.
Nancy Island - Someone is always deeply unimpressed with my insistence on a kid photo at the marker tower.
hi. -
Ele -
Saturday photo journal - Saturday started with a glorious lunch and very nearly ended in a riot. Lunch at Sushi Nakazawa is a different post, so I didn’t include those photos here. When we were preparing to dock, it began bucketing down and everyone was herded inside. It got sweltering hot, and everyone was annoyed. It quickly got ugly, … Continue reading Saturday photo journal
Sushi Nakazawa - Bob’s anniversary gift to me this year was lunch at Sushi Nakazawa. Words can’t describe the experience. The entire visit is a curated experience, each bite is perfect and perfectly contained. It’s the best meal I’ve ever had.
Friday photo journal - Today was a day full of culture. I thought that I slept until noon, but it was actually 9 am. We went to the Met, then wandered the West village, then went to The Book of Mormon. Then had 0.99$ pizza slices and wandered home.
Resisting a pest - I can’t fully smile because the other horse was literally eating my fucking dress! So a bunch of tourists got to see my altogether, but whatever. It was for a horse.
Midday Friday - Since we went to the Met, we walked through Central Park to catch the C to our restaurant in Greenwich Village. We took a moment to sit on a bench and just enjoy being together. Important things I overheard today: a man describing the plot of Free Willie in great detail; a woman at the … Continue reading Midday Friday
Thursday photo journal - Selfies (and more!), day one.
10 years! - Ten years ago Bob and I got married. A set of twins (“we’re done having kids”) and a singleton (“we’re done having kids“) later, a lot of laughter and love and we are still thriving. We are having a long weekend to ourselves in NYC, and we have committed to taking selfies everywhere we go. … Continue reading 10 years!
BIL - Sometimes my brother-in-law and I are able to bond over our mutual in-laws. Always great to see the full family!
Invisible - A shameless plug for a post my dear friend Andrea wrote. There are books that are still taught in schools today where girls and women don’t even exist: they are so inconsequential to the Very Important Ideas going on in the book that nobody thought to include them. (Which also, by the way, ingrains in us … Continue reading Invisible
Camp pick-up - I collected Ele from Camp today. Safe to say she had a great time! A few tears on the first night, but as she said, afterwards she slept great. She pointed out that her camp bed was “hard as a rock,” which she said was fine because apparently so is her bed at home.