Last two weeks (ish)

Inktober day 13 - The prompt for yesterday was snow. I have been too tired and uninspired to draw the past two days, and I was determined to do a drawing this evening. I couldn’t remember the prompt, so I just did the one I could remember. I got to use my grey ink pen, so that was nice.
Around town: Olean in fall - Recently, one of my friends mentioned that Olean sounded so idyllic (until she remembered the snow), and it really put me in a contented frame of mind when it comes to my town. It is almost pathologically charming, and since I live in the city itself, I get to enjoy it all pretty much constantly. … Continue reading Around town: Olean in fall
Inktober day 9 (prompt) - The prompt was “swing” – I tried several sketches of this and never got the proportions right. It is what it is, today. I guess I don’t know what feet look like, either, which is new information for me.
Inktober day 8 (prompt) - The prompt is “fragile.”
Inktober day 7 (prompt) - The prompt today was “enchanted,” and if there is something more enchanting than a unicorn, I don’t know what it is.
Farmers market cat - The farmers market is really near our house now, so most Saturdays I walk over with at least Grant… And one of the cats. Last time we went, Eleven came along. This week Socks decided to join us. He catted along on our walk over, sometimes ahead of us, sometimes behind. He didn’t like crossing … Continue reading Farmers market cat
Inktober day 4 - I did a sketch for the prompt, but then Bob suggested that I draw a photo I took of Grant today. I’m not that good at drawing people, so it’s not technically good, but I want the practice so I can get better. My inktober submission: The original photo (also on InstaGrant!) My sketch for … Continue reading Inktober day 4
Distributed podcast with Stephen Wolfram - A post about the podcast, mostly, but also a bit of a ramble Listen to the podcast here: I typically struggle with podcasts, because my brain doesn’t usually like to sit still. I need something else going on — that might be knitting, drawing, origami, or two dots (on the passive side). During our … Continue reading Distributed podcast with Stephen Wolfram
Inktober day 3 (prompt) - I’m tired so you’re only getting the sketch I drafted while working today. The prompt was “bait,” and Bob said (of the sketch) “but there’s no cat.” It’s true! I also tried out a few hooks. My grandfather used to make his own fly fishing hooks, which my dad made a lovely shadowbox for, and … Continue reading Inktober day 3 (prompt)
Inktober day 2 (prompt) - I was trying for “goofy drunk kitty” a la 🥴, but landed squarely in terrifying instead. The prompt was “mindless.”
Inktober day 1 (prompt) - The prompt was “ring” which is a pretty good prompt for me. I started with a doodle on my desk at work, and decided to try out some India ink on the full size sketch. (And Windsor and Newton white ink.) This cat is such an idiot. I love it.
Inktober day 1 - I’m not sure I’ll actually have time or energy to complete a full drawing a day, but the inktober challenge is fascinating. I struggle to sneak in creativity, and I don’t usually use ink (I’m a graphite or paint type), so this is all uncharted territory. Illustration is a fun, vibrant, and highly technical art … Continue reading Inktober day 1
A very Grant day - Yesterday I got up with Grant around 7, and we spent the day together. The twins were there too, but they are really chill right now, and I was able to give G Unit enough attention that he was just awesome all day. First thing in the morning, we all walked to the Farmers Market. … Continue reading A very Grant day
Impact over money - You can say that a fatal design flaw killed all these people, but that’s actually just another way of saying that money did. Crash Course: How Boeing’s Managerial Revolution Created the Max 737 Disaster This article is so fraught and terrifying that if you don’t feel like you need to throw up while reading it, … Continue reading Impact over money
Age - To start, you should know I’m 38. I saw a very young-looking girl leaning out of a pickup truck today, smoking. She looked about 11 or 12, maybe 13. And I thought “she looks like she shouldn’t be smoking” and then I had an internal debate about what the smoking age is, and decided it’s … Continue reading Age
Every day is daughters’ day? - Unless I’m very much mistaken?
Round and round and round and round and round and round - I heard Grant in his room over the weekend singing to himself. He loves Wheels on the Bus, but he gets caught in an infinite loop. I tried to sneak a video of him, but he caught me. It’s long, but it pays off. The cats have learned to be particularly tolerant of his manhandling … Continue reading Round and round and round and round and round and round
Finger Lakes - This weekend, Bob and I took an overnight trip to the Finger Lakes. If you’re not familiar with the Finger Lakes, you are missing out. The Finger Lakes are a series of lakes in central NY created by receding glaciers. They’re deep and narrow, and they look kinda like fingers, hence the name. We started … Continue reading Finger Lakes