Last two weeks (ish)

Performance Evaluation Time - Hi Darth, hi, yep, come on in and sit down. Do you go by Darth, or Anaki… oh, it’s Lord? Vader? Ok. No, that’s fine. Is that an ancestral landholding, or … oh it’s just something Palpatine said? Ok. Yeah, haha, we don’t argue with him, huh? Haha, anyway, let’s get started. I’ve been pulling … Continue reading Performance Evaluation Time
Piggy sketches - Grant and I are sketching the guinea pigs. He works with a complete lack of fear, with total confidence. Very free lines and a real joy. He’s written “Hurricane” and “Grant” and “Mom Ring” as one does.
Geometric sketch - I really love geometric shapes and repeating patterns that are complicated but simple (I have a hard to adequately explaining this). Arabic tiling is especially inspiring, and if you examine these ancient world tile and mosque decorations from across Africa and the Middle East, there’s this breathtaking range of beauty. Some patterns are very simple, … Continue reading Geometric sketch
Day off - I’ve got the makings of a good day off. I’m watching Pottery Throwdown, I’ve got my tea in my favorite mug, and I’ve got my lovely, cheerful blanket to keep out the chill.
Pigs in the hood - My lil innovators.
Training - We took advantage of 53 degrees and sunny and accompanied Bob to the track. We put the “track” in “distraction” 🤸
Compulsive reflection - I can’t stop looking back. I have so much regret for this past year, and while there have been positives I can unequivocally state that this year has been the worst year of my life so far (and hopefully ever). It’s not like there’s even anything juicy to reveal! This is the most garden variety … Continue reading Compulsive reflection
Old stuff - I was digging through old stuff, sorting stuff to put away and stuff to toss, and found this ❤️ (it’s in the keep pile).
Belly flopping - 📸 Bob Ring
“your father and I have been talking” - She’s more and more like the adult she’s going to be. She spent an hour explaining various Pokemon to me, and I’m just missing that part of my brain so I’m convinced she just told me about the same three in increasing and excruciating detail. I loved it. I love getting this time with them … Continue reading “your father and I have been talking”
Drawing - Eleanor has watched a tutorial, and is busy producing adorable drawings. This one is my favorite and it’s called Hunny Bear.
Grant’s point of view - Grant asked if he could take some photos on my phone yesterday, so he cruised around for quite awhile, taking photos (and showing me after each one he took). I hear “mom” a thousand times a day, if you couldn’t tell. It’s really interesting to see what he’s interested in, although not very surprising.
Snow - I just recently started following a twitter account that posts photos of Canadian paintings. It’s called CanadianPaintings. The reason I started following it is because it’s posting some amazing paintings of snow in particular. We can all stand to better appreciate Canadian art in general, but right now I’m in it for the snow paintings. … Continue reading Snow
What is… summer? - This morning over breakfast, my 9-year-old daughter asked me, “mom, what is … summer? Like, will we have … school? Still?” She looked genuinely puzzled. She’s been on a system of school/summer for four years now (she didn’t get summer breaks in daycare), except the past year has been such a weird, oily mix of … Continue reading What is… summer?
Walnut - Walnut is chilling downstairs with us this morning.
Ok, 2021 - I don’t think I’ve personally ever had such a rotten first couple weeks of January. Obviously, we’re all living through some things at the same time (the ongoing pandemic, the coup that is dragging out, remote schooling), but it’s been worse than that. I’m not just talking about Grant’s ongoing, flat-out refusal to poop in … Continue reading Ok, 2021
Heart in a heart - Henry found he can send me double hearts, both with his hands and with his arms.
Increasing Our Happiness with Cats and Dogs in the Office - Originally posted on Happiness Everywhere:
Working from home doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, many Automattician’s have pets to keep them company during the work day. Supporting customers gets a little easier when you have furry companions like these to make you smile during the most unexpected moments. This month we invited our Happiness…