Last two weeks (ish)

The Hermione effect - I checked this out weeks ago for a bit of light reading.
Hockey - Bob got hit with puck, and it certainly made its mark.
Happiness - Bob was pretending to launch Grant like a rocket, and Grant loved every second. I took some photos (the last one really makes me laugh):
My green-eyed boys in green - I don’t know why Henry’s head looks photoshopped on his body.
One extra arm - Grant likes to try to take off his shirts, but he usually only gets one arm out. He usually gets it out the bottom, and not through the neck, but this time he overachieved somehow and got stuck in a toga. His empty sleeve really makes it look like he has an entire extra arm,... Continue Reading →
Trashy - In the latest edition of things on Grant’s head, he wore a small trash can for awhile yesterday. He especially liked holding it over his face and shouting into it, while walking into things. And don’t worry, since it’s just a little trash can, it’s only a little dirty. 💁
A good, old fashioned, pointless list - Song titles that are either really evocative or have nothing apparent to do with the song (and sometimes both). A lot of film scores (particularly Mark Mothersbaugh’s stuff) could really easily be on here, but I tried to limit it. It’s also not exhaustive, so feel free to add your favorite. Scott Get the Van,... Continue Reading →
Generations - Dad and Grant watching drag racing on YouTube, is a sentence I didn’t anticipate.
Firefighter - This one is a hat! An actual hat!
Coffee Fiend - Gotta have that tims.
Haberdashery - Grant loves to wear weird shit on his head. He wore a strainer for the better part of an hour the other day.
Frost - A SLUMBER did my spirit seal; I had no human fears: She seemed a thing that could not feel The touch of earthly years. No motion has she now, no force; She neither hears nor sees; Rolled round in earth's diurnal course, With rocks, and stones, and trees. Wordsworth, 1799
Music man - Grant is obsessed with putting things on his head (see evidence here, here, and here); he doesn’t just keep things on we put on him (which really isn’t very often) – he actively finds things to put on his head. He wasn’t great at putting the headphones over his ears; he mostly got them on... Continue Reading →
Sunday funday - On Sunday we took the kids up to Buffalo and met Bob’s parents, my parents, and Bob’s sister’s family for lunch and presents for the twins, and then we took everyone to the Botanical Gardens. We had a lovely time, and it was a fun way to spend a relatively warm (but wet) November Sunday!
Pregnant onion - This was the only edifying comment that I saw at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, but if you’re only going to have one, this is the one to have.
Buffalo - The buffalo at Union Whiskey.

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