Last two weeks (ish)

7 years an Automattician - Seven years ago today was my very first day as a full time Automattician. According to our internal stats, there are 91 current employees hired before me, and 1,058 hired after me. I remember when I started that a 5-year anniversary seemed quite unusual and special. My intention was to be around forever, but it … Continue reading 7 years an Automattician
Wiggleworm - Ever since Grant has learned how to escape his crib, any time he wakes up in the night he clambers out and pads up to our room. Sometimes he wakes up while we are still awake and downstairs, and we listen to him thud to the ground and thunder like an elephant down the hallway … Continue reading Wiggleworm
Monster face - Make a monster face!
Dust of Snow - The way a crowShook down on meThe dust of snowFrom a hemlock tree Has given my heartA change of moodAnd saved some partOf a day I had rued. Dust of Snow by Robert Frost
The shouty mama - Some mornings, everything goes wrong. “Get your shoes on” the mama said, but no one was listening. “Where’s your coat?” the mama asked, but no one was looking. “Do you need a pack lunch today?” the mama said, but no one knew. The kids, meanwhile, were smiling, laughing, and having fun together. “Let’s pretend that … Continue reading The shouty mama
Bees buzz - The lighting is bad, because I finished it late and took the photo with artificial light. But I’ve been working on this one on and off since this time last year, and it feels good to finish another (small) painting. This is Winsor & Newton watercolor and Holbein gouache, on Winsor & Newton watercolor stock. … Continue reading Bees buzz
The cold earth - The cold earth slept below;         Above the cold sky shone;                And all around,                With a chilling sound,From caves of ice and fields of snowThe breath of night like death did flow                Beneath the sinking moon. From Lines: The cold earth slept below by PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY
Communities - One online and not on, one at work and anonymous, and one in real life. In October I took a dive into communities. I ended up being part (in some way) of three. I decided to try to participate in Inktober via my Tumblr account (via my account 🙃), and ended up with … Continue reading Communities
A good day - Today was the twins’ party, and I will probably blog about that later. But this day is usually a day I work flat out and then just stare dull-eyed while the kids have fun. And feel grateful it’s over. But today it was an all around good day, and I made sure to take note.
Eight years old - The twins are eight today! There is so much about them that is amazing, but this year I can’t help but find myself seeing their closeness. They’re growing a lot and finding different interests, but they still need to be close, to spend time together, to hold hands and talk nonsense. A look back:
Trick or treat! - Fawn, creeper, and Gecko.
Fall -
Deja vu - I told Grant today that he needed a diaper change before he could ride his bike. He said “I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!” Exactly what Henry told me about 6 years ago. People really are all alike!
We voted! - Ok, so only I voted, but Henry told the workers stories about his cats and Grant sang them the alphabet song. So you can see how it was a group effort.
Inktober day 21 (prompt) - The prompt was “treasure,” and this little guy has found his.
Buffalo Bills - I went to a Buffalo Bills game yesterday (vs the Dolphins) with my sister-in-law, Jen, and we had a blast! We arrived early to tailgate with Jen’s friends and it was so much fun. They have a cute little VW bus that is all decked out in true Bills Mafia style. They were a friendly … Continue reading Buffalo Bills
Sunday snuggle - I’m trying to get a little work done, but Stark has other ideas.
Knead - Little Ned Stark needs to knead when he’s falling asleep. He also sucks on sweaters, tees, and blankets. Anything handy. I think he was taken from his family too soon (like, in season one).
Pasta only - Big mood.