Last two weeks (ish)

WFH: the long haul - Imagine that after all this, you are part of the workforce that can continue to work from home. You’re in it for the long haul. The biggest change will be around quarantine/lockdown procedures, so you will have a lot more flexibility with who you are around while you work. You may currently be all alone … Continue reading WFH: the long haul
Resting corona face - Stark’s “the outside is overwhelming!” face is all of our resting corona face by now.
Abyss - I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back.
Ring Academy Dispatch - Today our top pupil graduated in a small intimate ceremony. His achievements include advanced wayfinding, complex geometry, and mousing. While we at the academy are all very proud, I do worry that our standards have fallen shockingly low.
New office space - My husband and I are sharing an “office” — we took an unused nook in our attic bedroom and repurposed it with a very uneven plastic folding table, and my old office chair. My set-up is closest to the window, and his is closer to the camera. We work at different times, so we only … Continue reading New office space
Working remotely from a distance - I work remotely everyday, and have done so for more than 7 years. Like everyone else, though, my entire world has changed in the last few weeks. I usually work at a rented office — I don’t share it with anyone, and I could continue to work there probably, but I feel safer being at … Continue reading Working remotely from a distance
Recess - We are riding bikes at an empty park.
Date - I took my best girl on a lunch date today. She chose the brownie and a side salad, with a deluxe hot chocolate. Before we left, Bob asked that we bring him back a decaf Americano. As we were eating, a server asked if we needed anything and Ele reminded me to order dad’s “American … Continue reading Date
Buellton / Solvang - The next leg of our trip took us from Yosemite out to the coast. We took a fairly direct route, and ended up at Pismo Beach, where we went to a little joint called Chipwrecked, which I was disappointed with. But I loved being back on the coast. I got an almond milk latte which … Continue reading Buellton / Solvang
Yosemite! - “The snow is melting into music.” John Muir We spent two nights in Yosemite, and it was not enough. We had glorious weather, that begged we stay outside, so we did. We arrived in the early afternoon, and parked across the meadow from Yosemite Falls. We ate our lunch gazing across the dormant grasses at … Continue reading Yosemite!
Marin Headlands/Muir Woods/Lodi - We drove out of San Francisco early and after driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, we quickly exited to get to Marin Headlands. The views were amazing! After a little running around there, we had to hustle to Muir Woods, because we had a reservation for parking. In the woods we went for a hike. … Continue reading Marin Headlands/Muir Woods/Lodi
SF - We technically started our trip with an overnight in Atlanta, but we found we haven’t been counting that. Instead, we have been counting the beginning of our trip from when we touched down in San Jose. We took a long drive up the coast on route 1, and found the twistiest road through the mountains … Continue reading SF
Working coffee - I usually don’t drink coffee during the day; I have tea instead. But lately I have been absolutely craving some excellent coffee. After getting frustrated with the offerings locally, I dusted off my grinder and chemex, ordered a goose-neck kettle and timer, and some fresh decaf beans from Stumptown. I also got a vacuum seal … Continue reading Working coffee
A different person - Mornings stress me out to no end. I panic at the thought of dropping the kids off at school before the bell. It’s never been a huge problem or anything (they aren’t tardy but once or twice a year max), but the time restriction plays havoc with my anxiety. Combine that daily deadline with two … Continue reading A different person
Feedback: engaging colleagues to nourish our perspective - I originally published this post on our internal leadership P2 here at Automattic in early December 2019. I’ve made some changes to reflect the broader audience. I decided to post this here at the prompting of one of the leads that I lead, because I am very susceptible to flattery. At Automattic we say that … Continue reading Feedback: engaging colleagues to nourish our perspective
A busy night - Somehow, we ran out of Albuterol yesterday and didn’t realize it. Around 11:00pm, I had finished up work and was getting ready to go to bed, only to find Grant in my bed. Wheezing. Badly. I went to get his nebulizer (we call it a woo-woo, like a train, but that’s not important to this … Continue reading A busy night
Bossy sickie - Grant got sent home sick yesterday from daycare, which means he couldn’t go back today. He’s got a fever and a runny nose and a cough, and the worst case of the bossies I’ve ever seen. We have so far: played Legos, watched The Gruffalo’s Child, started the Lion King, read many stories, played with … Continue reading Bossy sickie
Consume - My favorite flower is the ranunculus. It’s right up there with peonies, which are second. They’re both big showy, many-petaled blooms, but the ranunculus keeps things tight while the peony is always on the verge of disaster. Ranunculus are tidy, controlled, elegant. Peonies are gregarious drunks, friends with everyone. Ranunculus grow on a tube stem … Continue reading Consume
Lunch - A soft-boiled egg, toast, and some large print crosswords.