Last two weeks (ish)

My hair, it’s curly - All my life I’ve had straight hair. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to people who’ve met me at least once. Long hair, short hair, medium hair – it’s always been straight. Until about a month ago. It started getting curly. Here’s a little collage of my hair from about two months ago (the most... Continue Reading →
Moby Dick - Grant is having about as much luck as I did with it. In the last picture he has carried it off to throw into the hall.
Tiny reader - He found a quiet spot to look at the book we just read and shout at it. 
Slime - We made some saline slime yesterday!
Opportunity - Never pass up a chance to eat, use the bathroom, or cuddle with something soft. 
Grant’s 12 month appointment - Grant had his 12 month well-baby appointment this morning. He is doing well! He’s gotten wonderfully fat. The PA said that because he jumped so much in weight (from the 10th percentile to the 91st percentile), they’ll watch his growth closely over the next few visits, but she was also quick to mention that his... Continue Reading →
Legacy - Yesterday Grant slipped on a stair and got scared. Bob was with him, and he scooped him up because Grant was crying, and then I took over to cuddle my littlest guy. Grant was wailing and burying his face in my shoulder, and Bob hovered nearby talking with me and eating a cookie. Grant raised... Continue Reading →
Ele’s photos - Eleanor took some photos on my phone yesterday when we got to the pool.
Charge - He caught me taking a photo and is really fast. 
Little happy guy - I was laughing about something Bob texted me and Grant decided to laugh along. 
Saxapahaw - This past Saturday, at the recommendation of our friends, we went to Saxapahaw to watch a band, relax, and visit a farmer’s market. Called (descriptively) Saturdays in Saxapahaw, the relaxed outdoor concert featured lots of families on blankets, plenty of coolers, and no dogs, as dogs were (for some reason) not allowed.  We had a fun... Continue Reading →
Circus act - Safety first, I always say. 
Popular posts by year - Every year around this time, apparently, I took a look at my annual stats and see what topics I write about are most popular that year. It makes no sense – I should be doing this at the end of the year (or the beginning), but I do it smack in the middle. Not being... Continue Reading →

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