Last two weeks (ish)

Gutenberg’s at it again - Note: columns aren’t appearing correctly at this posting – which is a huge shame! This is limited to sites; columns work fine in the plugin that’s widely available. I’ve submitted a bug report to get this looked at, so do read on and expect a fix! Like most great things, printing began with wine. … Continue reading Gutenberg’s at it again
Ring boys - Just a typical day.
Hungry - So hungry he could eat a table.
Serious faces - 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
Fold - I’ve got a little hobby – geometric origami. I’m not interested in folding swans and frogs and whatnot. But I am interested in folding geometric shapes. Here’s a multifaceted one, made from 12 pieces of paper.
Saturdays - Another Saturday, another lunch at Sprague’s with my sweet darling maniacs.
Boys of Summer - This is a contribution from Bob, title included. Henry’s face is everything. Enjoy.
Kids - Subtitle: Genuine, Confident, and Sassy.
What dreams may come - Grant patiently waiting for sleep to over-take him. He would occasionally glance up at me and put his splayed fingers over his mouth (and up his nose accidentally), and hiss. It’s the closest he can come right now to shushing, but he’s practicing.
STEAM club - Our local library has a STEAM club for 6-14 year olds. When Henry heard, he asked if he could join. Tonight is the first meeting! First project: marshmallow/spaghetti towers. Henry is off to a strong start! Triangles!
Facebook Community Boost - Facebook has an event that goes from city to city, helping small businesses learn to be digital. The original series just taught them about Facebook, but now they wanted to expand, so they have partners who help teach about more than social media. This one is being held in Buffalo, at an Erie Community College … Continue reading Facebook Community Boost
Movies - Last night I took the twins to an outdoor screening of The Last Jedi. The event was scheduled to start at 8, but the movie didn’t begin until about 20 past 9. We left after about half an hour (because it was just so late for them), but it was a fun experience, and one … Continue reading Movies
Fashion - Grant picked out the socks and beanie.
Playtime - A little Fourth of July car time.
Rock on - Did… Did Henry bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon?