Last two weeks (ish)

Stacks - Result!
Breakfast for dinner - Making pancakes from Bisquick isn’t fine dining, but it sure is comforting.
Repotted - I repotted my snake plants and they’re already looking good. Now I need some plant stands.
Jolly green Grant - This outfit. It came to us by way of our friends in North Carolina when we lived there. Their daughter had worn it as part of a costume, but had outgrown it (and a matchy matchy sweatsuit wasn’t really her style), so Henry inherited it. And he liked to wear it matching! Henry loves a … Continue reading Jolly green Grant
Boy in a box - He decided to hop in his box of bedtime books. Henry was lying in Grant’s crib, making him giggle.
Socks - Well, it finally happened. Socks was in a work zoom this evening with me, and he edited a Google doc we were all reading on the call. After the call, he opened a pizza box and started eating Bob’s pizza, so really it’s been a red letter day for Socks.
Boss - “smelly Ellie, smelly Ellie” “It’s ‘Smellanor, dad.” She told him.
Pony - He looks good in a pony tail. His head is ginormous.
Old is new - Grant loves playing with Henry’s old train sets. I love setting them up. He loves knocking them down. He calls trains “woo-woo” and I don’t know about you but I find it to be the cutest.
Leaf pile - “Grant, why is there a hole in my leaf pile?”
Sabbatical - I just spent the last three months on sabbatical. It’s an amazing benefit, and I honestly still can’t believe it’s something I got to do. If you want to catch up on how I spent my sabbatical, you can use the menu above – just click on Sabbatical and see all the sabbatical posts! It’s … Continue reading Sabbatical
Favorite photo of 2018 - I have about 70 favorite photos from last year, but right now this one is my top favorite. The day the kids dropped the hottest album of the year.
Dinoboy - Sometimes he lets me put his hair up and I love it.
A glimpse - Like looking into the future. Sitting shirtless in front of a computer.
New year - Hard to believe I wrapped up the mother of the year award on day one, but here we are, watching cartoons and eating donuts for breakfast.
Wieners as far as the eye can see - Life imitates art, as my sister’s wiener dog cuddles up to my weenie dress.
Twosome - Two beings, bound by their love of yogurt.