Last two weeks (ish)

Adjustments - This week has been killer. I just started a new role (which I am incredibly excited about, and will describe a bit more later) and in this transition period ended up working very, very long days (I had 22 calls this week, many spread across a 10 hour day, and then additional work after all … Continue reading Adjustments
MD2020 - I’ve got a pretty good crew. Today they let me sleep in, and while I slept, they cleaned the whole house and made me breakfast. And coffee! I played the Game of Life with Eleanor and played with all the kids outside. Everyone hugged me a lot and I got a hanging basket and home … Continue reading MD2020
Tot Mess - It took seven years and a global pandemic, but I’m finally meeting my co-workers’ kids. After everything shutdown, one of my friends (and co-worker) and I arranged for our little boys to meet over Zoom. They’re just shy of a year apart in age, and very much interested in the same things: potty training fails, … Continue reading Tot Mess
Seventy-Seven - My mom is 77! My mom is 38 years older than me. Last year I turned 38 and then a week later we were 38 years apart again, which is pretty cool (but we didn’t dig into it last year because mom was in the hospital having lung cancer surgery). And now we have another … Continue reading Seventy-Seven
Thirty-Fine - This is fine. Today I’m 39. I’ve been looking forward to being 39 – since three times itself is nine, and also, it just seemed like it’d be a pretty killer year. It has yet to live up to hype. I’ve been feeling very fragile lately — extra anxious, losing patience really quickly with the … Continue reading Thirty-Fine
WFH - We don’t have to sit on top of each other while we screentime. But we sure do.
Unregulated art - Every wall in our house has some drawing on it, either a marker dragged in a chubby fist as a certain small boy has walked up and down corridors and stair cases, or crayon more deliberately applied, or some combination of the two. This is something that doesn’t bother me. We have gorgeous wallpaper in … Continue reading Unregulated art
A life of Grant - This worldwide pandemic is scary and weird, but we are privileged enough that we are doing ok. We are lucky because we both can continue to work from home (indeed, I always have, and I can give Bob some Slack pointers), our kids are smart and resourceful, and we are all healthy. We are around … Continue reading A life of Grant
WFH: the long haul - Imagine that after all this, you are part of the workforce that can continue to work from home. You’re in it for the long haul. The biggest change will be around quarantine/lockdown procedures, so you will have a lot more flexibility with who you are around while you work. You may currently be all alone … Continue reading WFH: the long haul
Resting corona face - Stark’s “the outside is overwhelming!” face is all of our resting corona face by now.
Abyss - I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back.
Ring Academy Dispatch - Today our top pupil graduated in a small intimate ceremony. His achievements include advanced wayfinding, complex geometry, and mousing. While we at the academy are all very proud, I do worry that our standards have fallen shockingly low.
New office space - My husband and I are sharing an “office” — we took an unused nook in our attic bedroom and repurposed it with a very uneven plastic folding table, and my old office chair. My set-up is closest to the window, and his is closer to the camera. We work at different times, so we only … Continue reading New office space
Working remotely from a distance - I work remotely everyday, and have done so for more than 7 years. Like everyone else, though, my entire world has changed in the last few weeks. I usually work at a rented office — I don’t share it with anyone, and I could continue to work there probably, but I feel safer being at … Continue reading Working remotely from a distance
Recess - We are riding bikes at an empty park.
Date - I took my best girl on a lunch date today. She chose the brownie and a side salad, with a deluxe hot chocolate. Before we left, Bob asked that we bring him back a decaf Americano. As we were eating, a server asked if we needed anything and Ele reminded me to order dad’s “American … Continue reading Date
Buellton / Solvang - The next leg of our trip took us from Yosemite out to the coast. We took a fairly direct route, and ended up at Pismo Beach, where we went to a little joint called Chipwrecked, which I was disappointed with. But I loved being back on the coast. I got an almond milk latte which … Continue reading Buellton / Solvang
Yosemite! - “The snow is melting into music.” John Muir We spent two nights in Yosemite, and it was not enough. We had glorious weather, that begged we stay outside, so we did. We arrived in the early afternoon, and parked across the meadow from Yosemite Falls. We ate our lunch gazing across the dormant grasses at … Continue reading Yosemite!