Last two weeks (ish)

Working coffee - I usually don’t drink coffee during the day; I have tea instead. But lately I have been absolutely craving some excellent coffee. After getting frustrated with the offerings locally, I dusted off my grinder and chemex, ordered a goose-neck kettle and timer, and some fresh decaf beans from Stumptown. I also got a vacuum seal … Continue reading Working coffee
A different person - Mornings stress me out to no end. I panic at the thought of dropping the kids off at school before the bell. It’s never been a huge problem or anything (they aren’t tardy but once or twice a year max), but the time restriction plays havoc with my anxiety. Combine that daily deadline with two … Continue reading A different person
Feedback: engaging colleagues to nourish our perspective - I originally published this post on our internal leadership P2 here at Automattic in early December 2019. I’ve made some changes to reflect the broader audience. I decided to post this here at the prompting of one of the leads that I lead, because I am very susceptible to flattery. At Automattic we say that … Continue reading Feedback: engaging colleagues to nourish our perspective
A busy night - Somehow, we ran out of Albuterol yesterday and didn’t realize it. Around 11:00pm, I had finished up work and was getting ready to go to bed, only to find Grant in my bed. Wheezing. Badly. I went to get his nebulizer (we call it a woo-woo, like a train, but that’s not important to this … Continue reading A busy night
Bossy sickie - Grant got sent home sick yesterday from daycare, which means he couldn’t go back today. He’s got a fever and a runny nose and a cough, and the worst case of the bossies I’ve ever seen. We have so far: played Legos, watched The Gruffalo’s Child, started the Lion King, read many stories, played with … Continue reading Bossy sickie
Consume - My favorite flower is the ranunculus. It’s right up there with peonies, which are second. They’re both big showy, many-petaled blooms, but the ranunculus keeps things tight while the peony is always on the verge of disaster. Ranunculus are tidy, controlled, elegant. Peonies are gregarious drunks, friends with everyone. Ranunculus grow on a tube stem … Continue reading Consume
Lunch - A soft-boiled egg, toast, and some large print crosswords.
Like a rainbow - My children have been begging for a long time that I get “rainbow hair,” and I’ve been putting them off. Until today.
Abagnale - Every now and then, I like to talk about abstract math concepts with my kids. I don’t have a background in mathematics or anything, but I do love having complex math concepts distilled and spoonfed to me. I find it soothing. I particularly like Numberphile videos. So, every now and then, the twins and I … Continue reading Abagnale
2020, the future - I am a Wait, But Why devotee, and this post really made me chuckle: It’s also weird that to us, the 2020s sounds like such a rad futuristic decade—and that’s how the 1920s seemed to people 100 years ago today. They were all used to the 19-teens, and suddenly they were like, “whoa cool we’re … Continue reading 2020, the future
Brothers at basketball - Henry and Grant in the Reilly Center, watching the Olean Huskies.
Good enough - This is her “I’m being forced to smile and look at the camera face.” Honestly, hat off to her. Nailed it.
Lion -
Echelon - If I made a year long video diary of riding my bike, it would 100% just be photos of me on the bathroom floor. #80sAnd90sHIITS #NotTheSameAsHits #BetrayedByMyFavoriteMusic #MyLipstickRIP
7 years an Automattician - Seven years ago today was my very first day as a full time Automattician. According to our internal stats, there are 91 current employees hired before me, and 1,058 hired after me. I remember when I started that a 5-year anniversary seemed quite unusual and special. My intention was to be around forever, but it … Continue reading 7 years an Automattician
Wiggleworm - Ever since Grant has learned how to escape his crib, any time he wakes up in the night he clambers out and pads up to our room. Sometimes he wakes up while we are still awake and downstairs, and we listen to him thud to the ground and thunder like an elephant down the hallway … Continue reading Wiggleworm
Monster face - Make a monster face!
Dust of Snow - The way a crowShook down on meThe dust of snowFrom a hemlock tree Has given my heartA change of moodAnd saved some partOf a day I had rued. Dust of Snow by Robert Frost
The shouty mama - Some mornings, everything goes wrong. “Get your shoes on” the mama said, but no one was listening. “Where’s your coat?” the mama asked, but no one was looking. “Do you need a pack lunch today?” the mama said, but no one knew. The kids, meanwhile, were smiling, laughing, and having fun together. “Let’s pretend that … Continue reading The shouty mama
Bees buzz - The lighting is bad, because I finished it late and took the photo with artificial light. But I’ve been working on this one on and off since this time last year, and it feels good to finish another (small) painting. This is Winsor & Newton watercolor and Holbein gouache, on Winsor & Newton watercolor stock. … Continue reading Bees buzz