Last two weeks (ish)

Springs - The kids drank from a spring in Saratoga (except it’s a fountain now, because it comes from the city water supply), and now will be blessed with good health forever!
BAGEL - Grant enjoyed a bagel deeply at Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga.
Saratoga - We are in Saratoga and Albany for the weekend, and day one has been really fun! We went to a fairy garden, and art in the park (and rode the carousel!), and visited a fun bookstore.
Toy Executives, overheard - Executive 1: we want to make this a fun, surprising toy, gimme ideas. Executive 2: let’s make hidden compartments and hide things in things! Executive 3: say no more.
How Grant’s Doing - Take a look.
Rings. - Going to new heights.
Zoo day - Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was just enough activity for Grant, who rode around in the stroller for most of the day. He slept very soundly on the way home.
For home - We are going home! Don’t let the photo fool you, he did NOT nap today. He did, however, sass. And he bit me. He’s himself again.
Oh what a night - Well. If you want excitement and thrills this fall, dear reader, don’t head to a haunted house, don’t head to a movie house, and don’t head for a cat house. No, friends, for people who are looking for that edge that will keep you up all night with surging adrenaline, you want to spend the … Continue reading Oh what a night
The saddest - An update on Grant; he’s had another nebulizer treatment, and it helped for about 30 minutes. His pulse ox dropped below 90, so now he’s on oxygen (just like an Everest climber!), and he fell asleep deeply disappointed with everyone in this hospital. But he did get to see Henry and Eleanor, who he had … Continue reading The saddest
Observe - Grant got admitted to the hospital for the night. He’s under observation for his lungs, and he may develop an ear infection but that’s really ancillary. Baby hospital gowns 😭
Little boy blue - Grant came home sick this morning (about 30 minutes after getting to school). He’s congested and snotty, and very tired. He’s been gagging and throwing up phlegm, too, unfortunately. A little benedryl helped him dry up a bit, and now he’s sleeping, though not peacefully. A noisy sleeper anyway (thanks, tonsils and adenoids), now he’s … Continue reading Little boy blue
Bus driver - Now I’m driving the bus!
Pass the ball - Grant shared his ball with Grandma last week.