Last two weeks (ish)

Joy -
Hey friend! - After a long day, after a long week, this sure is nice.
My Thursday - I don’t intend to start a trend of posting about all my yesterdays from here on out, but I’m actually posting from my computer, instead of on my phone. Bob flew to New York yesterday (very, very early!) to take the PE exam, so I have my hands a little too full to post-in-the-moment like... Continue Reading →
My Wednesday - Yesterday I had a full-heart kind of day. After work, I played with Grant (and the big kids), and he is just so happy. Then we headed into Durham to meet with Bob and picnic at Central Park. I got a few photos of the scenery, and asked the kids “hey, could you both stand... Continue Reading →
Cruising potato - This little potato pulls himself up on everything now. He cruises all the way around the couch, and can even negotiate the move from couch-to-ottoman-to-couch-to-chair-to-table (with quite a lot of joyful shouting and grunting). With some frankly misguided confidence, he enjoys letting go with both hands while doing this, and then he tips over in... Continue Reading →
An (almost) family photo - “Hey Henry, do you want to be in this photo?” Henry looks up and shakes his head.
Corn flower - Eleanor helped me husk the corn the other day, and her method, while unconventional, is very pretty.
Easter morning - Last night we hid Easter baskets and candy-filled eggs around the house, and left the kids a note. Henry burst into our room this morning to ask if they were really allowed to find their eggs, and Bob got up to help them. When I came down with Grant later, they directed me to the... Continue Reading →
Telephone - Hello, hello baby You called, I can’t hear a thing.
Kindergarten open house - Today the big kids had their kindergarten open house. I can’t believe they’re preparing to go to kindergarten! After work, we also went to a park.
A short walk - My honey and I took a short walk today while visiting the market, and stopped to admire the river. I also think the graffiti in the second photo is pretty great.
Happy baby - My sweet boy has been a little bit clingy, but I have to say he is the easiest little potato. Yesterday he spent the entire afternoon with a bunch of grownups as all the neighbors happened to congregate at our neighbors’ house, and he was a contented buddy. And today, he was with the nanny... Continue Reading →
Easter egg hunt - This morning I took the kids to the HOA Easter egg hunt. We saw their friend Reese there, and they had a great time with her!
Cake two - A recake if you will.

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