Last two weeks (ish)

Sacrificial artifice - We get to where we are because of how hard we work and the skills we cultivate, and not necessarily because of the things we sacrifice. I’m taking part in a leadership development course at work, and the core exercise is to participate in an inquiry council. Every person brings one problem or challenge to … Continue reading Sacrificial artifice
Putting the “boy” in “buoyant” - I told him never again in the bathroom. You gotta have boundaries about what rooms they can walk on the ceiling in, you know?
Hide and seek - Everyone knows when Henry hides, look up first.
Working at Automattic - We are hiring. Let’s not bury the lede here: we’re hiring a lot of roles, and would love to see you apply! We’re looking for great communicators, folks with a growth mindset, and of course, relevant experience (which varies depending on the role). We’re working on improving our hiring diversity, trying out different job boards … Continue reading Working at Automattic
Up, up, up - Well. I don’t know what I expected.
Climbing the walls - We don’t have a yard, and I guess it shows.
Raising feminists - RBG died last night. I don’t know where to begin. I first saw it in my girls’ group chat. The cry went up. But I couldn’t believe it, even though it is so believable. More, I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t even turn to tell Bob, because I went blank. Or, I went rigid. He … Continue reading Raising feminists
Inktober prep - It’s not October yet, but she is coming up fast. I’m preparing for Inktober this year, by practicing more with inks of all types, and thinking about what the theme I’d like to carry through the month will be. I know it’ll be especially difficult to deliver a drawing every day of October, so I … Continue reading Inktober prep
Become a Happiness Engineer! - Perhaps you’ve been reading this blog but haven’t felt confident about applying to be a Happiness Engineer. Or maybe you’ve applied previously but we weren’t hiring in your region. Or maybe you’ve felt confident in the past but the time hasn’t been right for you. Whatever the case, if you feel that you might have … Continue reading Become a Happiness Engineer!
First day back in the building - This year we have two in third – in the same class – and one in Pre-K. No one needed a hug before going into school and getting their temperature taken (well, I did). They’re off!
Blasting off into 3rd grade! - Me: Ele, I like your…costume? Eleanor: it’s not a costume. It’s a space uniform.
Fly! - Some people may need a jetpack to fly, but not my boy ♥️
Apocalypse Problems - I’ve Bludgeoned a Zombie With My Seasoned Skillet; Do I Have To Use Soap to Clean It? There Are Axes Breaking Down the Front Door; Is Now Really The Time to Clean Out the Hall Closet? We Have Been On the Run for Two Consecutive Weeks, But My Fitbit Isn’t Tracking All My Steps. This … Continue reading Apocalypse Problems
Scenes from Allegany State Park - We spent 5 days (ish) at Allegany State Park in a cabin at the beginning of August; I didn’t take many pictures (most are of moss, as it turns out). Here’s what I do have.
11 years! - In the midst of a pandemic, today we celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We are celebrating by going camping at Allegany State Park (obviously with the kids). We don’t usually celebrate our anniversary with the kids, so this is a change from the norm (as is everything in 2020). The kids surprised us this morning… … Continue reading 11 years!
Selfishpression - Here’s a new COVID era term: selfishpression. When someone uses the excuse of self-expression to be selfish. Example: “I didn’t wear a mask because I’m just so ready for COVID to be over, and I want my summer back.” You know it when you see it.
Plantain weed reprise - I’m very happy with how the finished piece turned out. Spending time on the bigger study made the smaller final piece flow quick and loose.
Plantain weed - Botanical prints are amazing, and I love them. I did a study based on a piece I found online, plus some looking at the many, many specimens in my very own yard. Next I’m going to do a more delicate, better centered smaller version to refine the exercise. Favorite parts so far: all the greens … Continue reading Plantain weed