Last two weeks (ish)

Stone-faced - I don’t know how they managed to keep such straight faces. They were really back there saying “cheese!” My dad made these low-relief carvings of all three kids. He started with Grant, then Henry, then Eleanor. They’re all wonderful pieces that I’ll cherish, but I can’t get over the depth that he achieved around Ele’s … Continue reading Stone-faced
Tactile - Yesterday I unexpectedly smelled a book. I was holding up a book for Eleanor to take a photo of (for school), and to be a little silly I held it right under my nose so my nose might be in the picture, too. It wasn’t in the picture. But I smelled cheap paperback for the … Continue reading Tactile
New bio - Excuse me while I update my about me page.
Make me a mom - You need clowns to make a three-Ring circus. I’m lucky to have them, and quite frankly they’re lucky to have me too 😂
Mother’s day preview - Grant drew a picture of me for mother’s day, and if it isn’t the most incredible likeness. I especially like the rainbow dress, and that he made my hair both brown and purple. Lots of fun details in this, like the “a” in “Grant” becoming a happy sun.
May - I took the kids to see our friends a few towns away today, and it was balm for my soul. My friend Brittany said that she would like to read my parenting book with chapters such as “I don’t accept the premise,” “benevolent neglect,” and “the apocalypse, but happy.” The kids played beautifully together, and … Continue reading May
40 by 40 - Here are 40 things that have helped me be who I happen to be today, on the 40th anniversary of my glorious entrance to the world! They may have limited efficacy for you, but you are most welcome to try to absorb some of this hard-won wisdom! We’ll start with the absolutely most important stuff. … Continue reading 40 by 40
Bee!! - During my first call of the day I heard what I thought was a motorcycle outside (or at least a moped), but it actually turned out to be my new best friend, Giant Bee! He has been falling out of the skylights quite a bit and landed in my hair only once (I forgive him!!), … Continue reading Bee!!
Eleanor’s poetry - Eleanor writes and recites poetry a lot lately, and if you’ve been following along she’s quite good. She remembers ones she writes at school and will recite them when we get home. This one she dashed off this evening. I look at you, and you wink at me. Flying high in the sky so very … Continue reading Eleanor’s poetry
Performance Evaluation Time - Hi Darth, hi, yep, come on in and sit down. Do you go by Darth, or Anaki… oh, it’s Lord? Vader? Ok. No, that’s fine. Is that an ancestral landholding, or … oh it’s just something Palpatine said? Ok. Yeah, haha, we don’t argue with him, huh? Haha, anyway, let’s get started. I’ve been pulling … Continue reading Performance Evaluation Time
Piggy sketches - Grant and I are sketching the guinea pigs. He works with a complete lack of fear, with total confidence. Very free lines and a real joy. He’s written “Hurricane” and “Grant” and “Mom Ring” as one does.
Geometric sketch - I really love geometric shapes and repeating patterns that are complicated but simple (I have a hard to adequately explaining this). Arabic tiling is especially inspiring, and if you examine these ancient world tile and mosque decorations from across Africa and the Middle East, there’s this breathtaking range of beauty. Some patterns are very simple, … Continue reading Geometric sketch
Day off - I’ve got the makings of a good day off. I’m watching Pottery Throwdown, I’ve got my tea in my favorite mug, and I’ve got my lovely, cheerful blanket to keep out the chill.
Pigs in the hood - My lil innovators.
Training - We took advantage of 53 degrees and sunny and accompanied Bob to the track. We put the “track” in “distraction” 🤸
Compulsive reflection - I can’t stop looking back. I have so much regret for this past year, and while there have been positives I can unequivocally state that this year has been the worst year of my life so far (and hopefully ever). It’s not like there’s even anything juicy to reveal! This is the most garden variety … Continue reading Compulsive reflection
Old stuff - I was digging through old stuff, sorting stuff to put away and stuff to toss, and found this ❤️ (it’s in the keep pile).