Last two weeks (ish)

Dino love - Henry found his mother’s day present to me this morning. I love it.
3^3 - Grant is three, and he’s our third kid, and boy howdy is he three times the fun and three times the hard. They say that three kids is the most stressful amount. After three kids, you can have practically any amount (…that you can afford), and it’s not more stressful. Probably this doesn’t include quad … Continue reading 3^3
Three - Today this little potato turned three. He got a lot of Cars merch, and he couldn’t be more thrilled! We just got back from camping all weekend with our friends, Nora and Brendan, and the number of times I caught Grant singing “Happy birthday a me” under his breath was slightly unreal. So pleased to … Continue reading Three
Blog branding - Last week I indulged in a little design work for myself. I decided to go with strictly typographical branding for this blog, because I don’t have access to Illustrator and Photoshop any longer (I never use them, it doesn’t make sense), but I do still have a large library of lovely typefaces. So I set … Continue reading Blog branding
Profusion - A post about mindset, believe it or not. 9 years ago, in 2010, I registered with I have had 2,012 posts on this site in that time — in part because I merged an old site into this one when it was time to evolve it. I’ve spent most of the past two years … Continue reading Profusion
Agile - I’m going to enter him in Crufts, I guess.
Donate! - If you love my content, please feel free to donate using the button! This is a monthly, recurring donation. To cancel, just let me know. If having a membership button on your site sounds interesting, this is something we’re currently testing. You can sign up to be an early tester here! Want to pay once … Continue reading Donate!
Soggy bottoms, dry sponge, and flavors all wrong - The criticism on The Great British Baking Show. A crucial component of The Great British Baking Show/Great British Bake Off (depending on where you live) is criticism. It’s a show that intends to separate the custard from the scrambled eggs by determining the best and worst baker each week, until only 3 remain. In order … Continue reading Soggy bottoms, dry sponge, and flavors all wrong
Brothers - Two little guys who both think they’re big boys.
Elusive goat - The story of a seventeen-year search that’s helped me refine my ideas on art and futility. It’s 11:48pm, and while I’m lying down trying to sleep, in my mind I’ve already sat back up and opened Google. Moments later, the screen casts its malarial glow as I hunch over my phone, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Hunting. … Continue reading Elusive goat
Witchy woman - When trying to take a photo of Grant, I captured Eleanor in the midst of rising up to smite her foes.
Hinge - The hardware in my house is fascinating, as a rule.
Sib - Me n my sister Kirsten.
I got to say, it was a good day - On Friday morning my mom had to come to Roswell Park in Buffalo to have her right lung upper lobe removed. The doctor talked to me and my dad after the surgery and they think they got all the cancer. They’ll check her regularly, but hopefully this is it! Right now, she doesn’t need chemo … Continue reading I got to say, it was a good day
Family selfie - My oldest sister isn’t here yet, but still. I am very tired from being up for various family members until 2:30 am for two nights running!
Grand, baby - This is the fanciest hospital I have ever been in.We’ve been listening to either live piano or classical guitar for onward of 4 hours.
Connect - When he doesn’t feel well, we hold hands.
Floral - Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. How many pairs of flower sneakers are too many? Asking for a friend. The friend knows the answer is more than four.