Thanks! It has pockets!

Three times today, I’ve been able to say “thanks! it has pockets!” which is a real gift. The first time, I was meeting Bob for lunch at the Old Library, and our hostess said “ooh, I love your dress!” And we talked about how valuable pockets are in a dress.

The second time, I was walking home from lunch and a woman leaned out of her car to yell “I like your dress!” and when I told her about the pockets, both her and the fella in the car with her said “yessss!” which was gratifying, as if I had invented pockets in dresses myself.

The third time was on a work call, when the person I was talking with said “I like your shirt” and I explained how it was a pocketed dress. Again, I felt as if I had originated the entire idea of pockets for dress-wearers.

I should remind us all (for my ego’s sake) that of course I did not. But I was savvy enough to see a dress covered in wiener dogs, some wearing collars, some wearing pearl necklaces, some wearing NOTHING LIKE HEATHENS, discover that it had pockets, and then purchase it. And of course, wear it proudly.

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