Increasing Our Happiness with Cats and Dogs in the Office


Happiness Everywhere

Working from home doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, many Automattician’s have pets to keep them company during the work day. Supporting customers gets a little easier when you have furry companions like these to make you smile during the most unexpected moments. This month we invited our Happiness Engineers to share how having pets around improves their work day.

“Mostly my pets ignore me – but on occasion it’s nice to have Mojo (our dog) curl up under the desk.”

– Jayden, Happiness Engineer in Australia,

Working for a distributed company comes with the added benefit of creating your very own “corner office” outfitted with all the things you enjoy and make a workday better – yes, even having a dog taking a nap under your desk! Talk about the perfect coworkers!

White Pomeranian puppy named Snow.
Snow – His first day at home.

I have a fluffy Pomeranian that is 4…

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