Yesterday Henry told me, very seriously, “Mom, I’m working hard at being a big boy first grader.” I said, “I know honey, you’re doing great.” And he continued, “I made sure to eat all my food lately because I wanted to grow taller, and it worked and now I have a yellow band for swimming. And, I am working hard at not having any more meltdowns. I didn’t have any today! I did cry a little, but that’s only because I hurt my elbow. I will still sometimes cry if I get hurt, but not if I get frustrated.”

He sets himself these amazing goals. His goal for Kindergarten was to become friends with everyone in his class. He gave me regular updates about that, too (he did pretty good! He struggled to be friends with one little boy who picked on him, but he tried).

I can’t wait to see how far he goes with his goals this year ❤️

3 responses to “Self-motivated”

  1. What a neat kid! I like that he’s goal-oriented. I have always been sort of scattered unless I have a concrete goal in mind. Did he pick this up from one of his adults or did he create this goal system in his own head?


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