9 years

Today is nine years since I married Bob, and he married me back. Our last year was tumultuous, but at this point in our relationship, it’s also been one of the strongest. We spent the vast, vast, vast majority of this past year living with one or the other set of our parents. While it’s been very generous of them, it’s hard on everyone to either have their space taken over by 5 additional people, or to have no permanent space of our own. But we’ve had each others’ backs, we’ve worked hard, and we’ve gotten to a great place (literally, we moved into our own home this past weekend).

Although being technically homeless for a year with three kids isn’t ideal, this is probably the best time in our entire relationship to have undergone such a feat. I have a great partner in parenting and in life, and I couldn’t be happier with our lives together. I’m looking forward to the next ten thousand years.

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