Start of Summer

Yesterday was the twins’ first full day of summer. We spent a lazy morning at home (well, they did – I cleaned), then in the afternoon we went to the Y for their start of summer party. They both gave rock wall climbing a try.

After that, we went to the library and signed up for their summer reading program. Henry needs to read at least 15 books a week, and Ele needs to read at least 400 pages. If they do that, each week they get to pick out a book to keep! And if they check in 5 times, they’ll each be entered to win a grand prize. They almost murdered a librarian with cuteness when they were looking at the grand prizes and Ele said if she won, she’d get Henry the thing he wanted, and Henry said if he won he’d get Ele the thing she wanted.

Eleanor ended up checking out 9 books, and Henry checked out 1 (but read 2 while we were there).

We stayed all afternoon at the library, and they want to go back everyday. We looked at their summer programs, and Henry wants to sign up for STEAM club, so when registration opens, I’m sure we will be first in line.

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