The last day of school

I didn’t take first day/last day pics. But I did take pictures! Yesterday was the twins’ last day of kindergarten. They’re now rising first graders!

At 12:15 I went to their school to pick them up, and we went back to my office, where they were going to play and watch movies while I worked uninterrupted. I mean, that was the plan, of course it didn’t happen.

First, they had to take turns on my treadmill. Then, once I had started working, Henry needed a balloon blown up. The next several problems revolved around sharing the last-day presents I had gotten them. Then I saw Henry painting on my carpet and I had to stop that. Then, the whining. I put on a movie for them and was able to work peacefully the rest of the afternoon.

Around 4, Bob walked down to my office and we all packed up and headed to JCC so Bob could register for the Corporate Challenge. We went to get Grant and rushed home to change, feed the kids, and get the stroller.

We went back to JCC just in time for the start, and Bob ran the 5k while I did the two-mile walk with the three kids.

Afterwards, we hung out on the lawn with everyone else, and when Grant started wanting cuddles more than anything else, we headed home. Once Grant was in bed, we put a movie on for the big kids and let them have some popcorn, and Bob and I relaxed in the back yard for a little bit.

Finally, it was time for the twins to go to bed, and it was the end of a very good last day half day.

Some photos:

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