Ovaries before brovaries

In which I go to the hospital

At 3 am, I was woken up with intense belly pain. I woke up Bob, who wanted to take me to the ER, but I shrank from that idea. My pain is surely not that valid. At 9:00 am, I finally capitulated. He loaded up the kids and we went to urgent care.  The doctor there explained that gut pain is hard to diagnose, because it could be gut spasm – which you identify by a process of elimination. And one of the things you need to eliminate is ovarian cyst. Without ultrasound at the facility, she wouldn’t be able to rule it out. She sent us to the emergency room. 

I went back pretty quickly and after an exam, including discovering, to my dismay and the PAs horror, what “rebound pain” is, they got me an IV and some morphine. Morphine! Like it’s 1864!

The pain, which was fluctuating been a 4 and an 8, slackened. I got a CAT scan which showed a normal looking gut, but cysts on my ovaries. 

I was taken back to my room, and given more morphine. After a wait, I was taken for a pelvic ultrasound. Because I had trouble conceiving, this wasn’t my first experience with a pelvic ultrasound – and I won’t tell you what my multiple mamas group calls it (except I will, it’s a dildo cam). After that, I was again taken to my room to wait. Bob was just preparing to leave to let the nanny go, and the nurse came in to discharge me. It felt very sudden. 

She explained that I should take a hecka bunch of ibuprofen, and call my midwife group. 

So I came home utterly spent, after a full day of non-productive pain, took ibuprofen, and went to sleep. We will see what tomorrow brings. 

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