HelloFresh box

My friend (and coworker) Pam gave me a free trial of HelloFresh, so I signed up and ordered my first box.

There are a couple different options and I ultimately settled on the veggie box for two. The classic box includes fish, but I stuck with the veggies. I think both the classic and the veggie box include only 3 meals, but you can choose between 2 and 4 people, and the price adjusts accordingly. The veggie box is slightly cheaper than the classic.

Their notification about delivery changes for the week of Memorial Day are all over the website and apparently inside the box as well.
The inside of the little booklet
Each page can be detached to be a recipe card
Some extra stuff
Ice packs on one side, individual bags of meals on the other
This is going to be Florentine stuffed Portabella mushrooms
I’m tickled by the tiny bottle of mustard in the sweet potato and quinoa meal
Creamy pea and asparagus risotto

I saw when I signed up that one of the meals contained walnuts (which I’m allergic to) so I was interested to see how things were packaged. Fortunately, the walnuts are in their own little sealed bag, so I’ll just discard them.

The ice packs are re-usable (score!) but can also be just tossed in the trash. I stuck them in the freezer. Here’s this week’s box in full.

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