During baths this evening, the kids were playing with their current favorite toys. For Henry, a matchbox tank. For Ele, a small My Little Pony figurine (name of Princess Cadence, so I’m told).

Henry’s tank rolled up to Cadence and went “pew!” I’m not thrilled he knows tanks do this, and a little sad he wanted his tank to shoot Ele’s pony.

What only one of us realized, however (although the rest of us were soon to discover), was that Princess Cadence’s unicorn horn could shoot back. And she can fly. So, basically, way cooler than a tank (we all agreed).

My birthday is tomorrow and I turn 34. So the three of us chanted our numbers together up to 34. Henry then told me he was going to be 14 tomorrow. And Eleanor is going to be 40.

I tell you this: nothing is grander than having a couple sweet babies.

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